Monday, April 27, 2009

~ un jardin secret deux~

c'est dedans singapore botanical gardens...

~un jardin secret~

this is singapore botanical garden,
one of the nicest parks i've seen...
very serene and in depth with nature...
since i'm fond of turtles... i liked- the swan lake -there are (not exaggerating) lots of turtles for you to feed upon,the 2nd time i went there with my family, we brought turtle food for them and looking at them, they're just so cute!
on weekdays, you might spot some joggers, some people quietly sitting in the bench, children playing around, people doing their routine exercise...
but a word of pre caution... since it'e free inside except for the orchidarium... definitely, don't go there on weekends esp. on sundays or public holidays, most of the people would be domestic helpers then every gazebo or bench would definitely be occupied...they can be a lil boisterous and in the end, you would not enjoy the scenery as much as you would.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

two men in the sun ~``

: this photo was taken at s.a.m. aka singapore art museum.
look at how detailed it was, it's as if, they're
eating infront of you. they look so real.
i think more of these sculptures can be seen inside sentosa,
the famous wax musuem. honestly, i'm no fan when it comes to that.
i kinda think it's a lll scary...
but this sculpture is definitely something i appreciate.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

< ! a trip to cHiNaToWn ! >

~there's no place like chinatown. 新加坡

..grandiose batiments,tres delicious de chinoise cuisine, this place is obviously a tourist spot,just a ride from the mrt. of course there are the usual chinese artifacts, lil souvenir kiosk,beef jerky (bee-cheng-hang) and what nots. Here, you'll also find the chinese heritage center which is quite interesting cos as you walk further, there's a hindu temple with really very intricate carved gods infront of the edifice. i love singaporean culture, how different people with different beliefs just mesh well together without any discrimination...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

~mon premiere photo!

this is my premiere picturesque beauty that i would like to share.

photo was taken when i was in singapore with my lil sis.

this is along arab st.- mohammed ali lane.

people here in s'pore are very diversified and multi-racial.

i like this particular scene bec. of it's pure simplicity. It reminds me of a place somewhere in europe when in fact it was just taken here in asia.