Tuesday, January 31, 2012

" Monopoly, Mc do I Jo "


I think for the Catalans, they don't appreciate this foto, much less,
a "comida rapida" like Mcdo, but for a person who doesn't speak their language,
it's always fascinating to learn the simple words in life.

something I learned today:

Juga= to play
Amb = with
Guanya= to win
Mensual= monthly

any cool flurry signs in your neck of the wood?! ^0^

*where was this *
Infront of La Sagrada Familia

Friday, January 27, 2012

" comme gargoyles "


along the narrow streets of Carrer del Bisbe are a row of expressive gargoyles and
this is one of them.

* where was this *
Barri Gothic - Carrer del Bisbe

" Under Construction "


La Sagrada Familia-
one of the oldest architectural structure left by the Antonio Gaudi
and renovation is still on going up to the present.

* where was this *
Eixample area- Sagrada Familia

for more inspiring skies this weekend...
do visit SKYWATCH today. ^-^

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

" head above the clouds "


I think it's a cool title to start the year,
Here I am sharing with you fotos of what I've seen and where I've been,
but this time, it's all about Europe.
I may add captions that are foreign from time to time.

Barcelona and Paris are two cities that can't be compared,
the former is full of life and the latter is just purely romantic,
but both are rich in its culture and history.

Travelling is always on top of my list,
but as much as I loved to, I don't get enough breaks from real life
to unwind and repose. ^0^
So, Pepperoni and I, we usually save up till Christmas or during Holy week
to see the world one year at a time.

I hope you'll enjoy these tous-les-jours fotos as much we did..^0^

* where was this *
at the top floor of Hotel Jazz in Pelai. BCN