Monday, March 11, 2013

" Rome Under 10 € euros "

I was reading the holiday issue of the The Traveller Magazine (from Easy Jet) the other day,
and stumbled upon this interesting article about the perfect 10 Rome.
Already, there are a multitude of things to do in this historical city,
but where to start exploring may seem a bit daunting.

here's my view of Top 10 things to do in Rome for just under 10 € !

1: STROLL - the best way to explore any city is by walking. ^0^
the vast Circus Maximus which is now a public park is located at the back of Roman Forum,
a few steps off the Colosseum.
The Circus was once the setting for the epic movie BEN-HUR.

 photo IMG_0968_zps65820941.jpg

2: DRINK - a few fountains maybe found on the streets but if you do find one,
all you need is an empty bottle and you're ready to go!
Perfectly Drinkable! ^0^ ( background: Pantheon, see that small fountain on the front? )

 photo IMG_9428_zps3c72cf43.jpg

3: CHILL - there's nothing more famous in Rome than Roman Holiday's Spanish Steps.
take some cool poses here and there,
Be seen and do some people watching.

 photo IMG_9669_zps8f30e971.jpg

 photo IMG_9650_zpsff3bdaa8.jpg

4: TREAT - Be it summer or winter,
It is a MUST try ~ the delectable, cloying and melt in your mouth Gelato.

 photo IMG_9157_zps45fe78d7.jpg

It is located in every nook and cranny.
Verdict ~ Heavenly !! ^0^
Giolitti is considered to be one of the oldest in the hood btw.

 photo DSC_1016_zps1fbeb4d7.jpg

5: REMEMBER - simmer every moment while you're there.
take a pause, choose any quaint cafe and sip a cup of Cappuccino ( order it during morning! )
or a cup of warm Decaf.

 photo IMG_4323_zpsdefc2f95.jpg

6: MARVEL - at the narrow alleyways of Trastevere, considered to be the old Rome,
OR the awe-inspiring Piazza Navona and gape at the Bernini's Masterpiece.
choose, choose...

 photo IMG_9067_zps356bd71e.jpg


 photo IMG_7962_zpsd8adcbf2.jpg


7: ROMANTIC - walk hand in hand along Ponte Sant'Angelo overlooking the Vatican or the long stretch of Lungotevere.
at night, the view's just Magical ~

 photo IMG_1476_zps0a7b0ccb.jpg

8: DARE - put your hand inside La Boca della Verita beside Cosmedin Church.
Patience is a virtue though,
the queue is time consuming, but worth the wait though,
at least it's free. ^-^

 photo IMG_1451_zps04f79794.jpg

9: LUCK - toss a coin into the Trevi fountain, because legend has it that you're destined to return someday.

 photo IMG_0147_zpse9d06b89.jpg

10: TOUR - nothing beats the beauty of Rome than taking a quick tour to the Colosseum,
again, more long lines for tourists and more elbowing for a better view.
but the impressive exterior would suffice your thirst for a bit of history.

 photo IMG_1010_zps816ef696.jpg