Monday, September 7, 2015

{ The Column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome }

A quick post:
I have been trying to learn some basic Italian for these past few months.
Reason? well, I just thought I'd like to learn a new language. ^-^

I try watch the news and had a hard time listening to it.

I always saw this particular column at the background whenever the Prime Minister: Matteo Renzi and his alliesa are being interviewed.
I reviewed photos from my trip to Rome.
Initially, it got me confused with the Trajan's Column.

But apparently, it's not the same.

IMG 0012

IMG 0017

This Doric column of Marcus Aurelius is actually inspired by the Trajan Column's itself.
The statuesque bronze of Saint Paul stands at the top of the column.
In 1589, Pope Sixtus the Fifth restored it and had these inscriptions below.
Notice the detailed works on the relief.

IMG 0026< IMG 0027

You could find it right at the heart of Piazza Colonna, along Via del Corso,
where the Palazzo Chigi is located.

IMG 0020

IMG 0024

Palazzo Chigi is the official residence of the current Prime Minister.
On the east side, is a shopping arcade called Galleria Alberto Sordi.
It has a distinct Art Nouveau style which unfortunately we weren't able to see it
as it was closed during the holidays. More info here

IMG 0018

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

{ Street Artists in Florence : Clet and L'arte sa Nuotare }

I have come to appreciate street art when I first encountered them in
Back in 2011, I never knew a lot of them existed already, and while I read a few posted blogs.
It's always interesting to see them first hand and to actually look at "Art" in a different manner.

I have always liked the works of CLET .

This french artist and his quirky artworks makes street signs looked twice more interesting. ^-^

DSC 1308

DSC 1468

DSC 1508

DSC 1511

DSC 1515

IMG 1597

His studio is located in Florence, a small side street in [ San Niccolo, Via dell'Olmo 8r] .
You can buy his works: stickers, labels, plates, postcards etc.
They're all very affordable, so don't reprint them at home. ^-^

DSC 1481

DSC 1475

DSC 1476

DSC 1477

We bought a few stickers home, { if I can bring a large plate home I would } and it's been on my deco wall since. ^-^

CYMERA 20150830 224706

Or if you're in town and heading to Basilica di San Miniato al Monte,
I'm more than sure you'll pass by his shop, you couldn't miss it. ^-^


Another new artist we've come across is L'arte sa Nuotare literally
Art knows how to Swim.

These are works of
a Florentine street artist by the name of BLUB.

I love how everything is shaded in blue tone,
The artworks are always water inspired, they are submerged underwater with goggles and the pieces are just eye catching and very pop culture.

Obviously, you have to keep up the pace and follow his/her instagram : @lartesanuotore
The ones posted here were his/her earlier works and have since added more interesting pieces
like Mona Lisa, the kiss: "La Dolce Vita" movie, Amy Winehouse ++.

Again, if you're heading to San Miniato al Monte or to Clet's studio.
You'll see a few of them pasted in hatches or cable boxes? *not sure what's it called.*
Or sometimes, it's those unexpected places like the side streets or alleyways.

I just hope people would appreciate them more than just vandalizing them.

IMG 1604

IMG 1605

IMG 1606

IMG 1609

IMG 1619

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Monday, August 31, 2015


Who would've thought there's a nice, authentic Greek restaurant right at the heart of Florence?

DSC 3383

Back in 2013, we were walking at the back streets of Florence, around the San Marco area.
and was actually looking for the main Piazza San Marco and the Basilica della Santissima Annunziata.
but we got out of the way into Via Cavour, a sort of off-beaten path for tourists
and was lucky to have stumbled into this Greek restaurant.


It is a family run business that had just recently opened. [that was back in 2013]
I could still smell hints of fresh paint on the walls.
The interior was inviting and comforting.
I love the subdued, pastel like decor and
was immediately attracted at the food display and the overall ambiance.

DSC 3382


I was hoping to have a slice of Pita for take-away and that's it.
A bad habit of "walking while eating", so I don't waste time. ^0^
But since only a few seats were occupied at that time, we ate there instead.

I'm no expert when it comes to Greek food and the local names are all alien to me. ^-^
But the nice lady was kind enough to explain the kind of cheese the Pita was wrapped in
and also the food and pastry trays that were displayed.

DSC 3380

I would love to eat more but we had a heavy breakfast that morning...


It was delectably fresh, warm and very light.
Not the kind of food that's too heavy on the stomach and had too much grease on it.

tyropita special pomodoro, feta cheese and peppe
[ special pomodoro, feta cheese and peppeoni ]

The service was excellent, definitely a service with a smile. ^0^
[You don't get much of that these days... ]
I can't remember how much the bill was,
but I can assure you that it was very affordable and not overpriced.

Just as we were about to leave, the nice lady served us complimentary sweet treats. ^-^


I would recommend this restaurant in a heartbeat and the place is worth a visit the next time you're in Florence.


Via Camillo Benso Cavour 32, Florence Italy
* Neighborhood around San Marco *

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