Monday, April 30, 2012

" 1 de cada 3 "

treffic reminder:
~accidents can be prevented if only drivers can be more responsible.

btw, cars here steer on the left.

* where was this *
seen along the road-bus touristic-BCN

Sunday, April 29, 2012

" Salvador Dali "

If you haven't got the time to travel all the way to Figueres and
see Salvador Dali's artworks.
then, head to Reial Cercle Artistic or Institut Barcelones D'art -
where a small scale version of Dali's life and times can be found.
It gives travelers a quick tour nonetheless.




to go there: From Avinguda del Portal de L'angel,
walk straight ahead till you reach Carrer dels Arcs
( near Plaça Nova )

where you'd find a pretty little fountain just beside it.

Inside: a souvenir shop and the famous « Lip » chair.


* where was this *
Avinguda del Portal de L'angel
carrer dels arc -bcn

Friday, April 27, 2012

" La Sagrada Familia "


Never mind if we were basking in the sun,
at least the mediterrenean sky wasn't against us.

for more inspiring skies... visit Skywatch today.

* where was this *
place de la Sagrada Familia

Thursday, April 26, 2012

" Muy Estrecho "

alas, a melange of different streetlamps.

but looking at how narrow the space is
i doubt it if a car can fit in this alleyway?!


Beware though, it isn't advisable to walk alone this street at night.

* where was this *
between Carrer de L'Alsini and
carrer de la Boqueria -BCN

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

" Cafe Catalunya "

The name may sound tempting, but don't be fooled by it.
We were warned beforehand not to dine in restos near hotel chains and touristy area.
But it was our 2nd night and we were already beat from a whole day of sightseeing.


and from the looks of it, the interiors looked inviting.


the bar for tapas or for a quick drink looks promising,


and of course, the hungry travellers couldn't resist its
affordable Menu al Dia for only 14 euros,
a plate (for 2) of seafood Paella ,which includes Sopa y Comida.
but take note though:
it doesn't include the drinks or Bebida.



so, silly me, thought why not, might as well,
order a litre of their house Sangria.


oh boy were we surprised when we were charged for almost 16 euros for it.
for a budget traveller, that is a bit expensive for me,
as I would've opted to order something more worth it.

What I had learned from this dindin galore though,
was to check and ask for the price first before ordering
and never assume. ^0^
take note though,
some of the camareros ( waiters) hardly speak any english, they will deliberately
try to speak spanish in a super fast tone,
and can be a bit snotty, and will even try to fool you if they know you're a tourist.

As for the quality of the food that we had that night:
= It was mediocre and typical.
If I were a food critic, this would certainly be NOT on my list.


so, the next time you're heading here,
better try elsewhere.

ps; just found out minutes ago,
that they have a twitter account and
a website!

* where was this *
Catalunya Plaza
beside H10 catalunya hotel-BCN

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

" Chandelier "

Meandering along the narrow streets of Jaume, you'd see this particularly
fancy streetlamps hanging like earrings.


* where was this *
Carrer de Ferran -BCN

Monday, April 23, 2012

" Muralla Romana "

The name may transport you somewhere in Rome, but no.

Opposite the Collegi d'Arquitectes are two Roman Towers that can't be missed.
( take note of its height )
It was renovated in the 12th century.



There is also a niche on the left side, that holds the statue of Sant Roch,
believed to ward away the plague.
Infront of this, is an arch of the Roman Aqueduct that was constructed in 1958.


* where was this *
Plaça Nova- BCN

" Barri Gótic "

the alleyways of Barri Gótic can be such a maze,
every corner and turn leads to another exit.
It's hard to get by without a map and
It took us sometime to familiarize the area, which can be quite confusing. ^0^


This beautiful archway is along Carrer del Bisbe, the most photographed called the Bridge of Sighs.
It is actually a 20th century addition, built to look old in 1928.


The protruding gargoyles, (which I posted earlier) and its gothic inspired details makes you turn your head upside down.

* where was this *
Carrer del Bisbe -BCN
Barri Gothic

Saturday, April 21, 2012

" Enfrente de ti "

One thing I love about Barcelona are these pile of dated architectures,
floor to ceiling windows with large balconies.

This one I took though, I reckon is a modern edifice with mirror glasses image.
Business must be good for these real estate agents,
lots of flats here are either for rent or lease.


I wish everyone a relaxing weekend. ^0^

I'm joining the weekend reflections by James.
for more cool reflective shots, click here.

* where was this *
on the road- bus touristic- BCN

Friday, April 20, 2012

" MNAC "

MNAC or Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya is one of Catalonia's notable museum.
It contains the foremost collection of murals and paintings dating from Romanesque
to Gothic, to Baroque and more.

It is also one of the main sights where you can catch a magnificent view of the city and its environs.


for more inspiring skies... visit Skywatch today.

* where was this *
Montjüic - BCN

by Metro ride- hop off @ Espanya

Thursday, April 19, 2012

" Desordenado "

Finding one's way is always a challenge especially if you're traveling alone.
You have to have a keen sense of direction, a handy map,
or better yet, a GPS to help you with.
Two heads are better than one right?
Take this photo for example,
are they lost?
can't find their way?
or just can't decide where to head next.


* where was this *
Carrer de Ferran -BCN

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

" Plaza de A. Garriga I Bachs "

From Plaça Nova, head towards Pl. de Garriga i Bachs.


It is a small quiet plaza where you'd find five heroic statues of 1809, dedicated to them.


According to a travel book :
they were those who attempted to take Monjüic Castle from
the Napoleonic occupiers; three hid in the cathedral organ for days before
they were caught and hanged.
In this dusty plaça, were also a row of charming sepia painted tile works.



You could catch street performers during the night, but with not much ample lighting,
this street can be quite dark though.


* where was this *
Pl. de Garriga Bachs

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

" Barcino "

These quirky letterings places you along Plaça Nova,
just a few feet away from Barcelona Cathedral, Palau de la Generaitat and Ajuntament.
When you see this sign, then for sure, you're in the Barri Gothic area.


It was designed by poet Joan Brossa in 1944.
It's also right infront of Colegi d'arquitectes.


I reckon there are flea markets that takes place infront of BCN Cathderal,
and a christmas market during December.
this was taken at night.


* where was this *
Plaça Nova- BCN

Monday, April 16, 2012

"Arenas de Barcelona "

Moorish-style Les Arenes used to be a bullring but did you know it also
hosted the Beatles concert in the late 60's during Franco's regime.


It is now remade into a shopping leisure centre designed by Richard Rogers.

* where was this *
Plaça Espanya- BCN

Sunday, April 15, 2012

" Colegi d'Arquitectes "

This dreary building but otherwise sketchy frieze infront of Plaça Nova
was designed by Pablo Picasso.
He sent it from France for his only piece of public art in BCN.


It was built in 1962, and is the Colegi d'Arquitectes.( school of architecture )

* where was this *
Plaça Nova- BCN

Friday, April 13, 2012

" Hotel Jazz "

It was sundown and the rooftop view from our Hotel was just too good to let it pass.

for more inspiring skies, visit Skywatch today.

* where was this *
Hotel Jazz-
Carrer de Pelai-BCN

Thursday, April 12, 2012

" I don't know how she does it "

I have to commend people who has all the time in the world to blog about
their travel stories and pictures.
It's been almost 4months since my last trip to Europe but still,
I couldn't find time to post,
But slowly, I'm sharing it partially than serve it in a big platter.
so, thanks for bearing with me. ^-^


today's Menu:
Zumo de Naranja and a quezo pan con Jamón. ^0^
with an awesome view on top of MNAC.

* where was this *
Kiosk at the side of MNAC museum

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

" Funky hairdo "

so we were having lunch at Mc Donald's near La Sagrada Familia branch
and I couldn't help not noticing this guy along with his pals.
His hair, his disturbing shirt and all...


* where was this *
La sagrada familia-Mc donald's BCN

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

" La Rotonda "

This beautiful structure situated along Passeig Sant Gervasi was
designed by architects Adolf Ruiz y Casamitjana in 1918 as a Metropolitan hotel,
then a Hospital de Sant Gervasi, which later became abandoned and deserted.


It is considered as one of the Modernista building here in Barcelona,
with its Catalan Art Nouveau inspired architecture.

But recent news however has sparked controversy,
as it will soon be demolished by the government
and was bought by a private sector Nuñez y Navarro.


Change is good though, but I wish they could preserve some of the detailed structures
in its original state.

* where was this *
Passeig de Gervasi- BCN