Monday, March 24, 2014

" Munich at a glance "

My travel begins at the heart of Marienplatz.
We arrived on a busy Thursday afternoon and
took the Metro S-Bahn * S8, *see last post *.

Exhausted and Tired, jet-lagged with terrible eye bags,
we wheeled our luggage along the cobbled streets of Viktualienmarkt,
obviously looking like tourists.

DSC 5131

We can't wait for our hotel check-in and have some rest,
but only to find that we still need to wait for another hour or more,
because rooms were not yet ready.

oh brother...

Clearly it leaves us sans choix,
but to circle round the area instead,
we immediately head to the nearest supermarket.

DSC 5102

DSC 5105

The supermarche was just a few blocks away.
Good 'ol Tengelmann.

DSC 5107

order of the day:
Chips, Junk food and more chips.
I've been craving for Chipsfrisch for sometime now. ^0^
I miss this, still do.

DSC 5108

random book shop.
cute display. ^-^

DSC 5119

events and ads pasted on this pole.


trams come and go,
I have yet to try this next time. ^-^


DSC 5126

Bike stops


This was the first thing we ate,
the simplest crunchiest Bretzn we've ever tasted. *note on superlatives* ^-^
freshly baked for just * 50 cent euro *

DSC 5139

DSC 5140>

just look at how busy it was on a typical noon.


that's me, heading to our second destination...

DSC 5151

The server was friendly enough to smile at our camera.
Looking at their menu,
they even have healthy Bio-wurst and Bio-Leberkäse.

DSC 5153

We took our orders outside.


and shared a plate of : 2 Stück mit Brezn un Senf.
That is : * 2 pieces (sausages) with Pretzel and Mustard. *

German white sausages called Weisswurst = Weißwurst

eventually, I am starting to learn Deutsch especially when it comes to food. ^-^


In munich,
you can drop by any meat shop and order some of their ready made meats.
Like this:


we had this yummiest Leberkäse or
Leberkässemmel in town for just 2 euros. ^-^
It's like eating spam only tastier and meatier.
I guarantee you, it's mouthwatering delish. ^-^


Later that night,
after freshening up and skyping our love ones.
We headed to Marienplatz and was surprised at how beautiful it was.
Despite the cold,
The place was twinkling with lights and you can really feel the Christmas vibe.

IMG 4540

We stayed at this Hotel.
Specifically wanted somewhere near this area.
I will share my review next time though.

IMG 4389

IMG 4404

We walked further.

IMG 4414

IMG 4415

and found a bookstore again ! ^-^

IMG 4492

♥ love Asterix and Tintin. ♥
any favorites?!

IMG 4494

Dirndl madness ✿

IMG 4487

then we passed by St. Peter's Church

IMG 4522

church's exterior

IMG 4524

postcard for your thoughts:

IMG 4526

More Marienplatz at night:

IMG 6543

close up details:

IMG 4551

we suddenly heard a few hums and accompaniment,
A team of church choir performing " O come o ye faithful" in German.
Oh, that was very inspiring.

IMG 4553

IMG 4555

IMG 4563

I also wanted to share this LINK
In case you wanted to see the real time and view of the plaza via LUDWIG BECK's website.

IMG 6547

So, there's more to Munich than Oktoberfest, Dirndls and Beer gardens.
In winter, every nook and corner is filled with Christmas markets - Christkindlmarkt.
which I will share with you on my next post. ^-^

IMG 5298

IMG 5304

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

" The joy of flying KLM "

So I have been sharing my flight experiences ✈ for the past few weeks now.
I assure you though, this will be its 3rd installment,
I guess you must be quite bored looking at same boarding tickets and plane food for ..nth time already. ^-^

DSC 4499

Flying with KLM left us good memories even though we only booked the Economy Class.
~Reason why we preferred this than other airline when we head to Munich, Germany last year.~

For starters, the service was Impeccable.
Something I clearly look forward to in an airline.
After all, return tickets don't come cheap especially when you travel a thousand miles away from home.


again, There were a few minute details I wish they could improve ...

* I noticed on my 2nd trip that things didn't look as new as they were before.

The button switches were a bit rundown.
Like an overused remote control.

IMG 5282

* Some seats don't recline like they used to,
although frankly, I don't mind,
I hate people who angled their seats without consideration.

IMG 5283

* The legroom is always an issue and as much as I want to complain further,
you just can't, that's how they were designed, except for business/first class.
But that's for another post,
maybe when I hit the jackpot.

* Earplugs/earphones to keep you busy,
but no extra toiletries, like Qatar's goodie bag.

IMG 5285

and finally the food menu:
what we had last year was more or less the same with the previous one ( see the old post )* berlin trip* ,
It was not as delicious as we were expecting,
still, it was served fresh and hot.

I just hope that it doesn't deteriorate.

IMG 5735

the FOOD:

IMG 5289

IMG 5290

IMG 5300

IMG 5736

IMG 5739

IMG 5741

IMG 5758

and I can't help but smile when I saw this inspiring phrase on the cup:

.. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining...

20131219 222239

What a joke though,
our short flight from Amsterdam to Munich,
The flight attendant asked us:

SHE: hi ma'am, would you like salty or something sweet ?

ME: salty please.

and here I was expecting it was something FULL-filling. ^0^

~ just a small bag of chips and a choice of drink.

* if you opted for the latter, it was a slice of sweet bread.

20131220 101811

I almost forgot to show you the TRANSIT card, this time in color Orange - connecting flight from Taiwan to Amsterdam.

20131231 164546

: the dreamy window-seat view was just magical:

IMG 5751


19 hours after, still a bit jet lagged we were in AMSTERDAM enfin!

remember how I said the Schiphol airport was confusing as ever?!
well, you can forget about that part. ^0^

Having more time to navigate and this time, much waiting time before boarding,
and gladly without any delay or change of gate.
We got to appreciate the airport better,
even took more fotos than before.
but STILL my darn GLOBE signal wasn't working!
* there goes your roaming! *

IMG 5303

IMG 5305

Hi there! ~

IMG 5314

The self service station where you can easily print your tickets in a jiffy or Check flights etc.

IMG 5324

The w0w View Outside.

IMG 5341

morning at Schiphol airport

IMG 5360



Finally! Touchdown at Munich Airport.
I love the spacious design and its simplicity.

IMG 5464

the walkalator

IMG 5468

that's us trying some mirrored shots. ^0^

IMG 5470

When you're lost, follow the herds of luggage and tourist,
Look for this sign and you're off to the city centre.

IMG 5478

Usually we took a taxi or shuttle service from the airport to the hotel.
But I did a quick check days before traveling and was shocked that a normal taxi ride
would roughly cost around 60 Euros !! * very expensive indeed *

so, we decided to take the S-Bahn metro ride instead.
The metro map is an easy read.

IMG 5483

IMG 5485

Once you're outside the area,
follow the letter S bahn logo
download (1)
or the train symbol
photo credits: yahoo image

You can always book at the Information desk, but the long queue will take you forever.

It's better to buy tickets from these counters * The Airport City Day Ticket * or the german word :Fahrkarten
In less than an hour you'll be at the heart of action.

IMG 5488

what the ticket looked like.
We chose the number S8 - Flughafen that took us from Munich to Marienplatz.
Here's another LINK that I think is helpful.

IMG 5489

Of course I have to wander inside the bookshop first. ^0^
as if my Grade A german would suffice.

IMG 5491

The train arrives every 10 minutes,
take note where you're heading though.

note: screen read: GLEIS - 1 * platform 1 *

DOORS do not open automatically: you NEED to switched the OPEN button.

IMG 5493

while waiting...
IMG 5496

seen inside the train: crumpled unattended magazine freebies.

IMG 5499

tourists / locals anticipating the ride....

IMG 5500


then fast forward weeks later, our ride from Firenze to Amsterdam.


20131230 122217

DSC 4503

Leather Seats, which I preferably love than those itchy Economy Saver furry seats.

DSC 4505

The VOLKORENBROOD or simply the Whole wheat bread was a delight.
and I like the packaging. ^0^

definitely better than the chips.

IMG 5721

IMG 5722

IMG 5725



Early morning after we checked-out,
A reliable taxi service from our hotel, less than 45 minutes later,
and less than 30 euros for taxi. we arrived safe and sound,
the airport wasn't crowded as I was expecting and surprisingly New!~ ❤
I've seen Rome's Ciampino and Fiumicino Airport and it sucks!

DSC 4480

DSC 4483

this is where we queued for our boarding tickets.

DSC 4486

the info centre

DSC 4491

I have a thing for books,
I think that's my first thing I visit next to the souvenirs.

DSC 4492

This was us, while waiting for check-in.
ugh! I always dread the last day of my trip,
I'm torn between missing my family back home and the unforgettable sights I've seen.

DSC 4500

there's also the FAST CHECK IN,
I have yet to try that one.

DSC 4502

and the shuttle bus that would take us to KLM's Hopper.

20131230 115350


On another note:

I took a quiz from Nomadic Samuel's blog
thought I might share it with you,
out of boredom btw, ^0^
What's your travel personality?!
here's what I got.
The Interepid Traveler. ^0^

H& J Intrepid Explorer 01 01

How I wish I am brave enough to travel South America. * we'll see *
For now, je suis juste dingue ~ about Europe. ^0^
Although India and Thailand are still in my long list of must-see.

what about you?


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