Monday, September 7, 2015

{ The Column of Marcus Aurelius in Rome }

A quick post:
I have been trying to learn some basic Italian for these past few months.
Reason? well, I just thought I'd like to learn a new language. ^-^

I try watch the news and had a hard time listening to it.

I always saw this particular column at the background whenever the Prime Minister: Matteo Renzi and his alliesa are being interviewed.
I reviewed photos from my trip to Rome.
Initially, it got me confused with the Trajan's Column.

But apparently, it's not the same.

IMG 0012

IMG 0017

This Doric column of Marcus Aurelius is actually inspired by the Trajan Column's itself.
The statuesque bronze of Saint Paul stands at the top of the column.
In 1589, Pope Sixtus the Fifth restored it and had these inscriptions below.
Notice the detailed works on the relief.

IMG 0026< IMG 0027

You could find it right at the heart of Piazza Colonna, along Via del Corso,
where the Palazzo Chigi is located.

IMG 0020

IMG 0024

Palazzo Chigi is the official residence of the current Prime Minister.
On the east side, is a shopping arcade called Galleria Alberto Sordi.
It has a distinct Art Nouveau style which unfortunately we weren't able to see it
as it was closed during the holidays. More info here

IMG 0018

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  1. The details are amazing. I have seen this in passing, but I'm glad to see it up close through this post.

  2. I second the previous comment, the details are amazing!!! Whatever they're doing back in the days are all a lot prettier in my eyes compared to the modern architecture and design that we now have.


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