Monday, April 27, 2009

~un jardin secret~

this is singapore botanical garden,
one of the nicest parks i've seen...
very serene and in depth with nature...
since i'm fond of turtles... i liked- the swan lake -there are (not exaggerating) lots of turtles for you to feed upon,the 2nd time i went there with my family, we brought turtle food for them and looking at them, they're just so cute!
on weekdays, you might spot some joggers, some people quietly sitting in the bench, children playing around, people doing their routine exercise...
but a word of pre caution... since it'e free inside except for the orchidarium... definitely, don't go there on weekends esp. on sundays or public holidays, most of the people would be domestic helpers then every gazebo or bench would definitely be occupied...they can be a lil boisterous and in the end, you would not enjoy the scenery as much as you would.

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