Sunday, August 9, 2009

fisherman's wharf

the main entrance to fisherman's wharf in macau

partial view inside... this is the faux colosseum...

from this angle you can see the famous SANDS hotel owned
by tycoon Stanley Ho

this is the faux Amphitheathre...

still hung up with macau... this is the fisherman's wharf ~ theme park aka
Doca dos Pescadores in portuguese.
The place is huge and vast... bec. we had just an hour to see the sights before we head back home... we were literally clicking every angle therefore, seizing the moment ^_^.
Inside you have tons and i mean "Lots" of restaurants and shops to choose from, lots of faux structures from famous places like rome, egypt...
and of course there's the casino...
i'll show more of the sights on my next post...
meanwhile, you can also visit its official site : http://www.fishermanswharf.com.mo/eng/


  1. These are some very impressive pictures.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Am envious of your travel.

    Your photos are wonderful.

    HOpe you're enjoying you time in Macau. ALmost there where I came from.

    Have a nice Sunday & week ahead.

  4. Well these buildings must be very old! Beautiful post!

  5. Veri occupying pictures ........they are beautiful..



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