Saturday, December 1, 2012

" Have you ever thought of Brazil tour ? "

What about Brazil tour ?
Have you ever been in this side of the world yet?
It is clearly its wondrous culture and amazing sights that will
captivate us (travelers) and what the city has to offer.
Unfortunately though, it is still in my bucket list,
but hopefully, my feet could carry me there soon. ^0^
I would love to see Christ the redeemer and just gazed
at this monumental figure.


While you're still unsure as where to head and how to book.
A quick tour at this helpful site the Brazil Tour will guide you and
perhaps gives us a better idea about this city, be it the backpacking kind
or traveling the luxury experience.

Both of the Photos : courtesy of Yahoo



  1. thanks for sharing this sissy! would love to visit Brazil too and see for myself the Christ the Redeemer monument! :)

  2. my husband is getting a group together for the 2014 world cup in brazil. funny huh!

  3. yes!! I wanna go visit Brazil someday!!!



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