Friday, February 28, 2014

" my KLM overview "

On our next trip to Europe,
we chose the royal dutch airlines aka KLM.

Initially, we planned to book Qatar airways, mainly because of its price,
but luckily, on the day we're about to book, KLM's website got cheaper.

This was supposedly for an earlier post. *last 2012*
That year though, our first stop was Berlin.
But again, because there are still NO DIRECT FLIGHTS from Manila to Europe,
thus,its connecting flight was at Taiwan, then Amsterdam, then Berlin.

Plain tickets and Passports = checked.

IMG 3271

sipping a cup of tea, whilst browsing,
which by the way has lots of interesting reads,
don't have way too much ads.

IMG 3298

music and movie choices...

IMG 3299

here's what we had in-between flights:
not in chronological order

this was offered to us from Madrid to Amsterdam on our way to Manila.
Indeed very healthy and guilt free.

IMG 3415

IMG 3419

I think this was what we had from Manila to Taiwan,
we boarded during the night so,
this was our dindin.

IMG 3287

what's inside...
well, not really as enticing as it looks though.

IMG 3290

side dish...

IMG 3293

looking at the view,
just landed Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

IMG 3300

honestly haven't been into this country for more than a decade now,
I miss the Chinese characters, the Mandarin speaking scenario, the shopping and night markets.
It brings back good memories.

this was our transfer ticket. , don't lose this one,
this is like your 2nd boarding ticket.
as soon as you land,
a KLM team ushers you to its right direction,
so you're not left alone to go figure where you're headed next.

IMG 3305

a quick look inside the Taoyuan airport.
very hip and nice.

IMG 3312

IMG 3313

IMG 3326

and then another meal when we boarded.
but this time, i wasn't so hungry anymore.

IMG 3328

and voila!
after trying to get a good night's sleep inside the airplane that lasted more than 10 hours.
well, good luck on that!
There were two kids at the back of my seat who were intermittently crying and kicking and whining, almost non-stop.
then there was a new born (i think 3- 4 month old baby) in the center aisle,
who keeps crying also, especially when the plane gets a bit turbulent. ^0^
But on the bright side,
a glass of wine and an herbal medicine, kept me calm, and err... a bit sedated. ^0^

IMG 3340

I've just been Miffy-fied! ^0^
They're sooo adorable.

MIFFY is the official mascot of Amsterdam.

IMG 3346

"two roads diverged in a wood."

sometimes I get poetic. ^0^^

when we landed Amsterdam,
the signs were just twisted!
my first reaction was "Que Lío".
pure confusion at its big space.
only to realize that we had to literally walk from A to B,
boarding in less than 30 minutes,

whoa! we almost missed the flight,
because we were waiting at the wrong gate,
they informed us thru text that there were some changes,
but we weren't able to receive it,
hello?! the GLOBE roaming wasn't working then.

IMG 3366

here's me mimicking the über dashing Brad Pitt.

IMG 3368

and yes,
we even managed to hit the wi-fi for free.
Pepperoni brought her PSP.

IMG 3390

luckily, I re-check my ticket and asked the ground staff,
he then told us, we were the last 2 passengers and the plane was about to leave,
the ground staff quickly radio-ed the other end to wait for the two of us.

We, on the other hand literally drag our backpacks and ran as quickly as we can to get to the other gate,
made it almost in time.
I don't know what we'll do, if we really missed the flight. ^0^
needless to say,
we made it and then, on board, everyone was staring at us,
as if we're the very caused of this delay... * so embarrassing. *

IMG 3429

this is Berlin Schönefeld Airport.
It looks dated and has a very provincial feel to it. *sorry*
IMG 3433

we took a taxi that costs less than 25 euros to the city center and our hotel.

IMG 3439

and were so giddy when we finally saw a glimpse of Brandenburg gate.

IMG 3492

next post:
the second KLM review

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  1. Great trip.
    I like your mimicking shot. :)

  2. sometimes airport are fun exploration destinations themselves. but i hate stopovers.

  3. indrani : haha! tnx! ^0^

    pc: ugh! me too,
    dread that one. ^-^

  4. ganun din problem ko when i flew via KLM recently.i only had an hour and nababawasan pa yun ng time getting off the plane and ang layo ng isang terminal.

  5. melvin:
    hi there!
    you're forced to brisk walk tuloy esp.when you're petite. ^0^


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