Tuesday, February 11, 2014

" welcome to Florence "

do i need more adjectives for this city? ^0^

Florence is sans doute , one of the most beautiful cities i've ever been.
I've always wanted to visit this city ever since I was still dreaming of my Euro trip,
but acquiring a Visa from the Italian Embassy is a hassle here and so we have to planned out everything and choose wisely.

Every nook and alley is picture perfect, every wall and structure has a distinct history.
The locals here are nice and friendly, something the Italians are known for.

I haven't been surf blogging for awhile now
but the other day,
as I was reviewing some of my fotos while casually browsing anything that is Florence related,
I stumbled on this :
a blog about a girl name Melinda.
she talks about her experiences in and out of Italy, mainly Florence that is.
she said and quote:

" A compliment is a small gift we can give to someone to brighten up his/her day
even if just for a few moments. That is what I appreciate about the Italians.
We can all be beautiful, kind, generous, and warm by just saying a kind word to a stranger "

I totally agree that a smile and a nice compliment from someone can cheer up your day,
and yes, i also agree that Italians are generally nice people.

On the other hand,
everyone wants a piece of the Duomo,
every Piazza we had our picture taken was touristy ( like moi )
that it's sometimes hard to appreciate the beauty of this city.

This is the last stop of our trip before heading back home.
Originally we opted to spend a day trip to Lucca or Siena,
but we only got 4days -3nights and we wanted to make the most out of it,
we wanted to savour the whole Florentine culture and hopefully bring some good memories back home. ^0^

IMG 0216

this is the majestic Santa Maria del Fiore or Il Duomo di Firenze.
(with a very festive tree on the side of the church taken last winter)
the first day we set eyes on this structure,
you can't help but gape, be stunned and utter the word... "wow".

DSC 7533

*humming* ♫♫ all my bags are packed, am ready to go..♫♫ .

our luggages! ( mind the plural form)
we have a load of hand carry bags (one big bulky camera, one heavy backpack and a sling bag)
while waiting for the night train in Vienna train station, to take us off to Florence.
we took the Railjet train operated by OEBB, then the City night Line operated by DB bahn germany.
(I'll explain more of this on my next post. )

DSC 7692

and Voila! after almost 8 hours (I think), i have to re-check my timetable if correct,
that's 3 hours from Vienna to Innsbruck and 5 hours from Innsbruck to Florence.
we arrived in firenze train station still sleepy and craving for more sleep.

DSC 7826

outside the station, lugging our things just 10 minutes to the hotel.

DSC 8418

we arrived too early and the hotel room wasn't ready for us yet,
so we decided to stroll down for a bit,
surprised that streets are just minutes away!
that's how small Florence is.
this is one of the many back alleys heading to Dante's casa.

DSC 8480

finally, at the famous Piazza della Signoria.
there's the handsome David replica.

DSC 9205

all the way up to POnte Vecchio,
stunning view even if the weather that day was foggy and misty.

DSC 8109

details, details and more details.

DSC 8232

Piazza della Repubblica during day time.
I must admit that in less than a day,
we were sort of done with the whole sightseeing already,
that's how small Florence is ,
but despite its close proximity,
the place is a city within a city.

DSC 9942

morning, the sun is finally up,
my chinky eyes can't stop squinting,
this is me and Santa Maria Novella Church.

DSC 1819

2nd day,
we walked the walk!
we took ourselves way up to the top of this city to get more stunning views and another replica of David.

DSC 2669

our hotel is literally outside the busiest streets in FLorence which is the San Lorenzo area.
that's me and the church as my background.

DSC 2990

I so wanted to see Santa Croce's interior,
but didn't get the chance to see it because of its strict opening and closing hours.
the timing wasn't just right.

DSC 4235

last day,
we strolled around Piazza della Repubblica, and took lots of fotos.
this is where most of the high end shops were.

DSC 4318

I love the climate here btw, it's cold but not too cold, you know what I mean?! ^0^

DSC 4434

last night at the square with the Duomo.
we just had to see it for the last time.

so, that basically concludes me and Peppperoni's adventure last year, ^0^
I'll start sharing more fotos and experiences of our trip.

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  1. wow incredible sights. i might be seeing this city this year. can't wait.

  2. felt link i went sight seeing with you in Florence! just wished your photos are bigger. haha!

  3. pc: you should, you should! ^0^
    the city is spectacular.

    cherry: hehe,
    can't post big fotos of me.
    ^-^ but i'll try to make it bigger next time.

  4. I also like Florence. Glad to hear (and see) that you enjoyed your time there! :)

  5. We stayed in Lucca in June (one hour from Firenze)and we were rather tired (and Lucca - a small city was the perfect place to lounge, lol), that's why we didn't make it:( Hopefully there will be a next time!
    Great to see some of Florence this way!

  6. halcyon: tnx= ^0^

    jeannettestgermain: haha! we should switch places the next time we travel.^0^
    tnx for saying hi!

  7. i love the duomo kaso its hard to take photos kasi there are sturctures around it that are too close.theres even this structure right in front of the church's facade.i dont know if its technically part of the church coz the materials of the exterior is the same.the dome of the church is just massive.architecture talaga ang nagustuhan ko.and its walkable

  8. melvin:
    i have to agree with you.
    the duomo is beyond words imposing!
    did you get to visit its interior? ^-^ imo, i prefer Florence than Rome, the city is smaller and cheaper.

  9. i wasnt able to go inside.actually i just squezzed in florence sa trip na yun because my mom's name is florence and i have a friend who's name is firenze ,so wala lang para masabi lang but surprisingly nagustuhan ko sya way more than rome.sa lahat ng pinuntahan ko rome lang ang ayoko nang balikan.i almost got picpocketed there.i caught the guy,he was so slow coz i saw his hand trying to reach my jacket's pocket so stepped back.napahiya sya talaga.

  10. melvin: haha, talk about coincidence. ^0^
    oh, how unfortunate of you to experience that, lots of pickpockets nga when you're in Europe,
    we were always warn by the locals, buti nalang, you have quick reflexes. ^0^


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