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" HOTEL REVIEW : 25hours Hotel Vienna at Museumsquartier "

Vienna wasn't really part of the plan.
In fact, I preferred if it were Prague or Poland instead.
This city wasn't much of a favorite, but It's not like I don't like it either.
But Pepperoni suggested that we should include this for the 2nd leg of our trip.

* She's actually the brain when it comes to geography and all that train schedules, she's my handy compass. * ^0^
While I do most of our Hotel bookings and itineraries.
simply because I'm a bit picky. ^-^
I mean I travel a thousand miles away,
the least I could do was get our accommodations in order right ?!.

The best part about Vienna was actually this hotel,
but the rest of it was just comme-çi , comma-ça.
This next hotel review is probably one of the newest and chic hotels we've stayed.
It's centrally located near the Museums Quarter area.
A short walk and you're in some of the most important sights in Vienna.
By Metro, you alight at Volkstheater station.
It's also convenient by Bus or Taxi..

I would have loved to stay near the St. Stephen's Cathedral area,
Although, it's a bit crowded and touristy.
Still, I did find some cool hotels and B&B's to fit in.
But it was either too pricey or there wasn't any availability.

I really couldn't find a place where the price and location fits all.
It was luck when I stumbled into this.
A bit skeptical at first,
Museum area is good maybe a bit quiet,
there's a small park overlooking the hotel, which again means,
the place may be dark to walk at night.
It requires a bit of walking from and to the the Metro * Volkstheater * station and
it doesn't offer complimentary brekky.

Hello, 25hours hotel.


We arrived 2-ish in the afternoon,
after our train escapade. SEE last posts here. ^0^

Outside, the welcome sign says: Come as you are, which reminds me of my fave Nirvana's song... ^0^
Among the doppelganger architectures is this modern façade.

DSC 0504

The space is quirky and the design details eclectic,
It exudes such warmth and cozy ambience.
Needless to say,
I love its interiors from head to toe,
and what you see in its official website is clearly not photoshopped.

The souvenir shop
DSC 0393

The lobby area.



IMG 7108

IMG 7114

Stand out Posters.
ps: the breads and tea trays were actually from the Breakfast room.
the Breakfast buffet was a bit pricey for our taste, so we didn't try that.


The bicycles here are free of charge.
You can inquire at the concierge.
Sadly, we haven't had the chance to try it,
My sister doesn't know how to bike. :(

DSC 0497

The Geeky area.
The wi-fi was up to par and the speed was reliable.
No iffy connections or timed-out,
I could download a couple of video files in a matter of minutes! ^0^

IMG 7117

This is the Key Card from our room + Key card recognition inside the elevator.

The concierge who took care of us gave us a room on the 2nd floor.
We would've preferred a higher floor, since that's what we have requested.

This is the hallway area.
The A - Z postcards keepsake.

IMG 9290

We booked a room called the: M+ size - a bigger space with a view overlooking the street.
Every room has a designed theme.
I hate being placed at the rear side or inner courtyard ,
but I know some would prefer less noise and more privacy.
I also hate a view with no-view! * a bricked wall or a construction site*
Luckily this time,
the request has been granted !
as soon as we entered the room,
it put a *smile* into our face. ^0^
I think I just let you guys see what it looks like.



bedding and wardrobe details


desk features and magazines



Hello Room = nice to meet you!
I just want to dive and stay in this bed the whole day.


and more cute stuffy thing-ies.


even the paintings on the wall makes you feel like you're in a circus.


What did you think of this?



note: It can either be open or closed.


this is what I love the most about my stay...

The view = priceless.

Overlooking the Volkstheater.



Overlooking: Weghuber Park.



This is the view from the other side.
You may have noticed that I've encircled that portion in the middle.
I think , this is one of the highlights that gets overlooked.


There is an über convenient TRAM stop just right outside the hotel.
I mean, how accessible is that ?!
I couldn't get hold of a decent tram stop,
so this is the bigger version of what it looks like.

IMG 6610

This RING TRAM - can be your official sightseeing tour guide.
It is also an efficient way to get to know the city.
Take number #49 Dr. Karl Renner Ring stop.
The waiting time is between 10-15 minutes, depending on traffic.
You can also buy 24 , 48, or 72 hours all-you-can ride tickets.
I think it's way cheaper than buying solo ticket, Vienna is a big city.
This Number #49 tram will circle along Volkstheater and its environs. or * The Inner Stadt area*

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did. ^0^

Lerchenfelder Straße 1-3, 1070 Wien, Austria
Phone:+43 1 521510

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  1. looks very nice. i like it especially the interiors.

    1. yes, one of the nicest hotels i've stayed.


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