Monday, December 22, 2014

Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg

Last day in Nuremberg today.
Thank you for the yummy bratwurst, the beautiful scenery and the warm welcome. *-*
Despite the drizzles and pitter patter. This city is definitely a must -see on your list.


  1. so many fascinating places to see, so little time and such a constricting budget :)

    all the best to you this Holiday Season and may 2015 bring you lots of opportunities to travel.

  2. I think your Europe travel posts are enough to satisfy my wanderlust for now. I need to wait for K to grow older, earn a living and bring the family there as she promised to do so. Haha! Who knows, diba?

  3. Nuremberg is a beautiful city, especially in the holiday season.

  4. We did a tour of Germany in 2013 and I loved Nuremberg the most! Especially those gigantic bratwurts :D


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