Tuesday, February 24, 2015

" Winter break : Travel Highlights: Germany ; Czech Republic and Italy "

I can't believe January ended without a single post.
I'm literally months be-hind!
I mean, where was I during that period ?
Apparently, this is how I look these days... tired, weary and anxious.
2015 is just starting but I think I've matured 10 years already.

 photo tired_worker_1350473c_zpsvl40fair.jpg
courtesy of : telegraph.co.uk


1- I'm still sorting out photos from our last trip. Can't seem to get it done with.
I miss tinkering my camera.
I miss travelling more than ever.

2- Still in Vacay-mode. * ^0^ * yes, i know, i know, it's been 2 months already...

Apparently, 2 weeks isn't enough for a real-reel break. * sorry, I'm babbling... *
Most of the time, I lack 8 hours of sleep and felt sleepier than ever.
Like presently here but mentally somewhere ...

3- and on a personal note:

My Dad's leg is not in its best shape.
It has been for years actually, but just weeks ago,
His left leg has gotten worse and weaker.
Before, he could climb the stairs with his cane,
But lately, his legs felt so frail he could no longer do it...
These are just some of the many things that I think about and could not help but worry.
How I wish Life were simpler than ABC.

Here are the highlights on what we did last Winter.


This historical city called Nürnberg was our first port of entry.
I have come to love the Bavarian side of Germany, thanks to our Munich visit last year,
so, it was only natural that it was next on our list.

I like meandering the alleyways and just gape at its architectures.
When in Germany, I feel safe.
Things are mostly in order and with discipline.
German people though are not the friendliest in town,
but they are nice and could understand English better.

I've always like to visit cities that feels so different from the place I'm in.
Quick comparison: Philippines = always Hot and Humid vs Germany = well, you have 4 seasons, so that's a plus!
~*When you live in Manila, You'll know what I mean... ^-^

 photo IMG_5266edited_zps17sy5u7l.jpg
fachwerkhaus : details from Kaiserburg Castle

Despite the cold breeze , the weather was neither clear nor sunny.
It rained intermittently, damped with fog and was mostly cloudy all throughout.
The good thing though,
We stayed right at the heart of Hauptmarkt, the old town, where the famous Christkindlmarkt and the Pegnitz river is located.

 photo IMG_4336_zpshhd6wqmx.jpg

 photo IMG_4330edited_zpsn8crta0s.jpg
St. Lorenz Kirche

Everything in Nürnberg is just picturesque and lovely.



We took a day trip to Bamberg the following day.
Finally, the sun was up and shining...
well, at least for a few hours...

Bamberg for me?!
the first two adjective words I could think of: Beautiful and Charming...

The city doesn't have a Metro, either you take the Bus or a local Taxi.
We did neither, instead we walked 15-20 minutes thereabout till we reached the main plaza = called MaxPlatz.
Bamberg is definitely smaller than Nürnberg, but still, quite as interesting.
It's a quaint little town, laid back and things are cheaper as well.

 photo DSCN0341edited_zpsjohdrlg1.jpg
Postcards for sale in some random souvenir shop outside the train station

 photo DSCN0404edited_zpsrfhfryaf.jpg
one of the many works of Igor Mitoraj called : Centurione-I

 photo IMG_4925edited_zpsyusx1xxq.jpg
read as: VHS IM ALTEN E-WERK DER STADT BAMBERG = Community College here in Bamberg



The day after,
we took the IC BUS From Nuremberg To Prague.

♫♫ "{Ah! the magical and dreamy Prague,
Let me count the ways }... "♫♫♫

I fell in love with this city some 10 years ago,
too bad, it was all but vague,
the only substantial thing I could think of were the Vltava River and the Charles Bridge.
So the first thing I did was to check out accommodations that were near the area.
To sum up this city in a word or a sentence... it's just not enough.

Winter is magical in this city, but be prepare to be bombarded by fellow tourists.
they're puh-len-ty! ^0^
Souvenir and Money Exchange shops are battling ear to ear, so that part, you don't have to worry though.

 photo IMG_7903edited_zpsyxtnv29d.jpg
the narrow and crooked, cul-de-sac alleyways.

 photo IMG_7419edited_zpskvwhai37.jpg
Sunset with a breathtaking view, overlooking the Vltava River

We couldn't ask for anything more when we saw this view!!
attic room from our Hotel.
Well, it's kind of tilting towards the right, because of the rooftop shingles.
I chose one that's literally a stone's throw away from the Charles Bridge and near Kampa Island.
 photo IMG_6115edited_zps2grp7bad.jpg
A room with a view

 photo IMG_8461_zpsksluww9b.jpg
random sketches and paintings for sale.

 photo IMG_8359edited_zps24yt7nol.jpg
Inside the courtyards of Prague Castle

 photo IMG_6563edited_zpszumsoxcs.jpg
A random bookshop in Prague that caught my eye. what a reflection!



After wandering around Prague for 5 days, (without any day trip included, that's how we love this city.)
we headed to Milan on board the Easyjet.

Now Milan is totally different from the earlier cities we've been.
The moment we step out of the train platform, the whole atmosphere changed.
It was nothing but busy, busy, busy.
Everyone was either dressed in sombre black or dark blue bubble jacket outfits, still touristy and very disorganized.
Most of the trains esp. the ones passing to and from the main Centrale station was very dirty,
a bit smelly and lots of cigarette butts.
The sad thing was, no one seemed to care.
We've only been a few days, but the vagrants we saw were like our travelling buddies. ^0^

Despite all the negatives I've said though,
I loved this city. Period.
It's vibrant and noisy, chaotic and polluted in a way, which reminds me of errr... Manila.
If i'm not listening to a couple of Italian talking, it's either in Chinese or in Indian dialect,
or my very native language - in Filipino. ^0^
The weird thing is, sometimes, it doesn't feel like I'm a thousand miles away, because everything sounds familiar. ^0^
Get into any Fast food outlet and you'll sure to bump into one.

 photo DSCN1688_zpsbm1w2mmb.jpg
no need for an introduction : The majestic Duomo

 photo IMG_1033_zpsmz4pk9zo.jpg
outside Porta Garibaldi station : Bike sharing

 photo IMG_0157_zpspxv2bm8i.jpg
very ornate stained glass details outside The Duomo - Milan

 photo IMG_9706_zpspx8yfzcr.jpg
Porta Romana station was our frequent Metro stop, it's literally 5 minutes away from our hotel.

 photo IMG_0694edited_zpsrmgkgukf.jpg
We visited the Sforzesco Castle or Sforza for short.
We had a nice and sunny walk away from the crowds.



The last bit we did was a day trip to from Milan to Turin via Frecciarossa.
I know, I know, why not choose Venice or Lake Como instead.
Well, I wanted to see Venice for more than a day and maybe I've been keeping the best for last. ^0^
I've been meaning to tick this city off my list but still can't. Oh well...
and Lake Como in December is a hit and miss, some of the shops are closed, not to mention the cold weather.

Turin is an old city but not dated, it is in the Piedmont region.
On a clear day, you can almost see the dreamy Alps.
If you're a film buff, you have to see the Mole Antonelliana.
If you're religious, you might want to see the Shroud of Turin.
If you like Art, then it's Palazzo Madama.
But because it was a Monday,
where, for the love of me, I forgot to check when we booked our train tickets, almost all of the vital must-see's are closed.
So, yes, we missed all that !
well, we just decided to walked around the area.
It was a nice, relaxing walk and wished I could spend more than a day or two.

 photo IMG_1577edited_zpsrrb8sohm.jpg
the colonnaded arches

 photo IMG_1742edited_zpsix45ajbq.jpg
The Porta Palazzo Market - my favorite shopping haven.!

 photo IMG_1579edited_zpsxs3c5q5y.jpg
random street shot

* so there you have it, just a quick re-cap of what we did last year.
I promise to blog more in the days to come. *


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  1. Oh my goodness, you had a fun fun trip. The hardest part is getting all the pictures together and creating posts. I went to Europe in Oct - Nov 2014 and I haven't written a single post about it yet.

    1. haha! guess we're on the same boat. ^0^
      I'm actually looking forward to read your travel stories.
      be patiently waiting...

  2. I just randomly bumped in to your blog. I too seem to live for the precious vacation days. I envy you your winter break. I've wanted to visit Prague but haven't gotten there yet. Maybe next year?
    Happy travels.

    1. oh no! don't be jealous! ^0^
      i just love to travel and see new things and it's mostly during winter that I get a longer break from work.
      I hope you'll visit Prague soon!
      it's indeed one of the most beautiful cities i've been,

  3. First off, I hope your dad's leg feels better! These photos are stunning, it's easy to see how you're still in vacation mode! When we returned from our honeymoon in South East Asia I swear it took me months to get back to normal!;-)

    1. thanks for your concern about my Dad's health,
      your Asian trip must've been fantastic! would love to hear more about it.
      reality wise though, things will go back to normal... that is: work- work and more work!! ^0^

  4. What a great trip, I'd love to visit Bamberg and Nuremburg. The rest I know well; I even lived in prague for a few years. It's one of the most romantic and dreamy places ever in my mind. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    1. hi Phoebe! thanks for dropping by.
      Among all of them, Prague was one of my favorites and yes, I couldn't agree with you more! ^0^

  5. Great photos! It is amazing how quickly the week's slip past isn't it?

  6. You make me want to see more of the world! I love the old architecture that you captured.

    1. thank you for the nice words Bettyl-nz. ^0^

  7. You had some great adventures last year. Lovely shots!


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