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" What to expect inside Germany's Parliament Building called Reichstag "

IMG 5097

[ REICHSTAG aka Deutscher Bundestag ]

Is the seat of the German Parliament.
The original version was built in 1880s, topped with a stone dome but was damaged by fire and war during the Nazi period.
It was restored in the 1960s, with a classic Neo-Renaissance style and added its Glass inspired dome that was designed
by Architect Sir Norman Foster.



- best to book in advance.
- register at this Website link , fill out the form
- or you can go directly, but must wait in line * for at least two hours/ depending on traffic *


From 8 am to Midnight * last admission 10 pm *

DSC 0725
the inscriptions on the front

How the Parliament looks like many years ago, dated 1914.
DSC 0719


Hallo Jungs! *hello guys*

Berlin: it was in 2012 the last time we were in this city, though much has changed since, this edifice remains the same.

The first thing we did was to make an online reservation in advance.
There are schedules for you to choose, fill out a form, where you leave your contact details and passport infos.
They will email you with their confirmation.

IMG 5047
a glimpse inside the Dome


The initial plan was to visit Reichstag during the night,
because of the spectacular aerial view and the glimmering lights, but decided otherwise,
given the weather in Berlin which proved to be foggy and misty during winter time.

We booked as early as 8:30 A.M. but still got there 10 minutes late! *blame it on jet-lagged and bad alarm setting*.
From our hotel, we took the Metro from Hausvogteiplatz to Unter den Linden metro stop.

IMG 4879

IMG 4890
* hello! that's me on the right *

IMG 4907
up the stairs with these catchy shout-outs from EU


The morning walk was wonderful by the way.
From Parisier Platz, we passed the Brandenburger Tor, aka the Brandenburg gate.
The streets were quiet, the place was silent.
Apart from us and a few locals heading to work, the crowds haven't gathered yet.

The first sight of the Brandenburg gate with all the flickered lights beside a giant Christmas tree...

IMG 4924
*note: Left side building is the US embassy.

IMG 4928

On our way to the Parliament we saw a crocodile of small school children shepherded by their teachers.
They were cute! ^-^
IMG 4932

My guess was they were heading the same direction as we were, but I was wrong.
They crossed the other side of the street on the way to the garden.

IMG 4952


There are helpful street signs for you to follow, leading you to the side entrance of the building.
Once inside, there will be a bunch of security checks and scanners.
Strict securities are implemented.

One security clerk was cheery and had this "Welcome to Berlin" speech prepared.

SEC: Hello! welcome to Berlin!
Speak English? Where are you from ?

Me: Hello (smiled)

SEC: Are you from China?

Me: shook my head and said: No, (still smiling)

SEC: ah! from Japan?

Me: No...

SEC: so, where you guys from?

Me: I finally caved in and said from the Philippines.

Well, I think it only took him like more than 10 seconds to register where in the world is that?!
and surprisingly said, Oh wow! what a nice country. ^-^

IMG 5085
* this is the area where they officially check your belongings *


We were then ushered outside the building into the west side gate, where we took the lift up the dome.

[ It read: " DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE " which means To the German People. ]
IMG 5089


Once inside, Audio guides were provided with some brochures and newspapers in case you're interested.

IMG 4963

Inside the dome, the walkways are in spiral manner with what seem to be an upside-down pyramid shaped that looked below
the Parliament seating.

There are sensors along the way, with the audio guides included, you get a description of its history,
in and outside of the building as you walk along the platform.

IMG 4966
IMG 4974
IMG 4993
It is immensely spacious and airy.
In case you want to know...
It is made up of 800 tons of steel,
3000 sq metres of glass plus 360 mirrors.

IMG 4971
IMG 5013

You can wander freely around the area, go up and down or take pictures outside.
At the top of the dome, there's a seating area, this was where we took lots of self-timed shots and yes, selfies included. ^0^

IMG 5017
DSC 0674


On a clear day, it would've been great to capture lots of panoramic and scenic view.
But the dull-grey skies were all we could managed at that time, nonetheless... it was still worth it.

IMG 4985
the art read: [ Stimmen Für Den Mindestlohn ] that translates to : Vote for the minimum wage

More shots from the inside looking out.

IMG 4986

IMG 4999
see the Brandenburg gate on the right?

IMG 4989
nice detail

IMG 4997

IMG 5001

IMG 5004


If the place was packed, we would've finished it in less than an hour, it would've been tedious.
Instead, we almost have the place to ourselves.
So, we took time to appreciate each and every detail down to its imposing exterior.
The audios were helpful especially, if you're into history,
As for me, I have a short attention span, I get bored easily, so I tend to shift my gaze from here to there.

IMG 5067

IMG 5074

IMG 5065
just look at how this was intricately carved.

IMG 5064

IMG 5063
you have to look up once in a while

IMG 5087
Exiting the building

IMG 5060
Bare trees in Winter amidst the green

IMG 5094
Outside the Bus stop area
At the end of the trip, I can say that the Reichstag tour was pretty much satisfying.

If there is a next time for me in Berlin, I'll make sure to visit it again, only this time, it's going to be during the night. ^-^

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  1. You were smart to book the early sched. Usually people are still in bed by that time. I would be in bed at that time, especially when on a holiday. I applaud you for rising up early to seize the day. The architecture is pretty incredible, so modern. Not my usual type, but it's nice.

    1. haha! getting up early isn't my cup of tea either, that's why i love sundays. ^0^

  2. Haha! You look more Chinese and Japanese daw kasi kesa Pinoy. Katuwa!

    Stunning photos and stories to boot! Berlin is still on my bucketlist. :)

    1. looks can be deceiving. ^0^
      Berlin has great structures indeed.

  3. I only saw the Parliament building from a distance when it was pointed to me by our tour guide. It's nice to see the inside. I did get to walk close to the Brandenburg Gate. I did like Berlin, but I do hope to visit again and explore the city more.

    1. Yes, berlin has its perky spots too. I'll blog more, hopefully with more gusto. ^0^


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