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" Spending the afternoon in Trastevere "

► The street sign: sandwiched between a monument and a fountain.

I don't remember anything significant about our short trip to Trastevere.
Even though, I've been reading rave reviews about it, the other side of the Tiber river doesn't seem appealing.
Perhaps the timing wasn't right or we didn't stay long enough to appreciate it.

[ and so the other day,
As I was looking back at my notes, checking old scribbles,
I can't seem to find my travel journal anywhere, I rummaged all my stash already, wherever did it go?!
Note to self: Must do spring cleaning immediately.]

Here's my Trastevere handy map, thanks to Rick Steve, I got me-self a handy print out


What I did remember though, was that after our visit to the Vatican *St. Peter's Basilica*.
We stopped by a local cafeteria, had a quick lunch and both of us drank a liter of Sparkling Water !
We shouldn't have, but:
We were so lazy to bring the bottle with us,
and it would be such a waste to leave it behind.

* hehe, not a really a smart idea to go tipid *

IMG 8976
Had lunch at this small cafeteria, the food was mediocre, but the price range was affordable ,
overlooking the Vatican from afar, not bad eh?!

IMG 8991
the very long and winding road of Via della Lungara

* Well, as soon as we started walking, it only took minutes before we started to feel
our bloated bellies from too much water.
How we wish we hadn't had too much to drink at that time. *tsk,tsk*
We were meandering in circles, even caught a dead end, but still couldn't find the loo.
and finally, an *Osteria* near the Museum was kind enough to let us in..

IMG 9107
Thankfully,the owner of this resto bar was kind enough to let us use their restroom without a fee. ^0^


► We saw young crowds hanging about at the center of The Piazza Trilussa ,
within hearing distance from The Tiber river or Tevere River.
During summer, The Piazza is packed with people.

IMG 9025



At Via di Ponte Sisto, you'll find lots of local restos like this Osteria.
When it comes to food: Trastevere is known for its fresh Artichokes -
like Carciofi all Giudia- *Fried Artichokes* and Carciofi alla romana.


IMG 9082

what a cute green vintage Fiat !
I want one!
okay, cute isn't exactly the right adjective for it. ^-^


and around the Tiber is San Bartolomeo all'Isola , where the Basilica di San Bartolomeo all'Isola is located.
more info here
Such a pity that among all the churches I've mentioned here,
I haven't got the chance to see any of its interiors and I'm a sheer fan of domes and frescoes.



The exterior of Basilica di San Bartolomeo all'Isola


Forgive me for exaggerating, but Rome has got to have the most Churches I've ever seen,
I'm pretty sure you're bound to bump into one.

► This is yet another church which is the Chiesa di San Giovanni de la Malva
More info here


And the Piazza di San Giovanni de la Malva


Spotted along Trastevere, look at all these vines!




A look at the narrow alleyways and cul-de-sacs of this neighborhood.
Maybe we arrived just as the sun was about to set,
because there were only a few people.






Another interesting church to look for is the Santa Maria della Scala
More info here.

IMG 9077

IMG 9083


and the reason why you visit the Trastevere area is because of :
Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere + The Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere



IMG 9116

We only manage to get a glimpse of it as the skies were getting dark then,
and I would've like to visit it again if only we weren't pressed for time.

Santa Maria in Trastevere =
was probably the first christian place of worship in Rome that was founded by Pope Callixtus I.
Here's more info about it .

IMG 9125

* a must-see inside is the Apse mosaic of the Coronation of the Virgin,
where the details are covered in gilded tiles*

Images I got from google

It is not everyday that I got the chance to see a bird as fleetingly beautiful as this.
I wish we have healthier birds here. ^-^


. hanging clothes and red bricked walls .

The reason why I took this foto:
"Made in Rome" vintage car + a holy niche and a parked bike



and last but not the least, just some random shot.

The legendary wooden Pinocchio and this tourist, who seemed so absorb with his phone.
IMG 9093

[ Many churches close around midday for a few hours, and some establishments are closed on Mondays.

Getting there: It is walkable from the city centre, but if walking takes too long,
You can take tram number #8 to Viale Trastevere ]

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  1. It's wonderful to discover something at every corner that's not in the guide books. It's like your very own secret niche in Rome or whatever place you're visiting. I want to go back to Rome and stay a few days.

    1. sometimes It's best to "get lost " and not rely on any guide books. ^0^
      This city is big and looking back, I wish we stayed longer.

  2. I got goosebumps. Your 21st photo is the entrance to my study abroad school - John Cabot University. The cafeteria there is where I used to eat my breakfasts and lunches. Piazza Triluzza is where my classmates and I used to hang out and eat pizza. I just went down memory lane through your photos.

    1. omg! i can't believe you've counted the photos. ^0^ hehe.

      the reason why I left it blank was because i don't have an inkling either.
      thank you for the info.^-^
      talk about coincidence though. i'm glad it brought back good memories .
      now, Trastevere seems interesting again. I want to go back, ^-^

  3. If you think Rome has many churches, you have to check Puebla (Mexico)! There is one in every corner! The second time I visited Rome, I stayed in Trastevere. It was ok but didn't have a lot of time to walk around.


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