Sunday, September 9, 2012

" Chez Jaafar "


It was a long and tiring walk in Paris that foggy tuesday afternoon,
I remember that day because we were looking forward to see the Unicorn tapestry,
inside Musée de Cluny,
but in a hurry, forgot to check about its closing hours.

Anyway, we decided to walk around its environs.
When it was around 2pm or thereabout,
having just a piece of bread and a cup of Instant noddles for breakfast,
we finally felt our stomach grumbling. ^0^
This street called Rue de Sommerard was our stop,
lined with restos and cafes.

We chose Chez Jaafar instead,
the menu outside matched our taste,
plus we love anything couscous. ^0^


The interiors are inviting,
the ambiance, très cozy,
and the owner, who is I think of Tunisian descent welcomed us
with a smile.


I can't stop looking at those lamps,
although, not real, they looked very antique.
I also like the quaint bric-a-brac displays, that makes one feel homey. ^0^


when we got there, the seats are almost empty except for two Japanese tourist
sitting on the other table.
after a few minutes though,
the seats were almost full, there were a group of tourist, some local Parisians too.
and I thought, we were too late for lunch! ^0^


for 12 euros,
the price was already affordable,
the food was served hot and delicious, simply said.
you choice between:

1 appetizer + 1 plat du jour (main meal)
( Chorba ) and (couscous poulet)
( soup ) (couscous chicken)

1 plat du jour(main meal) + 1 dessert
( couscous merguez ) and (pattiserie orientale)
(couscous african sausage)

we clearly got confused at first,
we thought we were having all 3.
and drinks not included btw,
so, we had a glass of table wine instead for 3 euros.

total cost:
around 27 euros.

Parisians, like Catalans, take their food seriously,
they dine slowly, while chatting away,
unfortunately, for these two young females,
time is of essence, so in less than hour,
we were wandering the side streets of Paris again. ^0^

* where was this *
Rue de Sommerard- Paris

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  1. haha! we tour not to waste time eating. it has to be real fast or we'll miss a lot of fun. ;)

    the place looks quite homey indeed. and the food is inviting. :)


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