Monday, September 10, 2012

" Saviez-vous ? "


We just had a sumptuous lunch @ a resto called Chez Jaafar and
what a coincidence that outside are these Velib' Bikes parked on the side.

I took a foto of it, seemed nice for a macro shot
but didn't notice what the flyer meant,
Apparently, it was an awareness campaign.

It said:
In France, there are 95000 resto but only 1300 are authentic and serves
fresh dishes, the others, are either deep frozen food or pre-packed dishes bought elsewhere,
in short, purely microwave.

There's actually a documentary about this by Envoyé Special from TV5.

* where was this *
5th arrondissement
22 rue de sommerard- Paris

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  1. sadly there are many restaurants eve4rywhere that only uses microwave to prepare the food we eat. i am very surprised to hear that's also true in france, of all places.


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