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" Hotel Review = Hotel Am Viktualienmarkt "


Tucked away along Viktualienmarkt is a street name Utzschneiderstrasse.
( I know, it is as hard as it's pronounced. ^0^ )
It is a small family run hotel that breathes modern furnishings and contemporary interiors.

DSC 6835

Among the hundred reviews I've read and re-read again,
this place seems to be the perfect accommodation for us.
The hotel is centrally located right at the heart of Marienplatz,
well, you need a 5 minute walk give or take, about two to three blocks.
Literally, it's a few steps from the famous Viktualienmarkt,
a local outdoor marketplace where you can browse, buy and try fresh produce and more.
At night, the area is safe although, a bit quiet and less touristy.

DSC 5255

heading to the breakfast area
DSC 5254

so the location can't be beat but was the service up to par?
read on...


We arrived on a typical Thursday afternoon,
where a chirpy and smiling receptionist greeted us.
She welcomed us with a handy map plus a quick overview about the city.
did you know that shops and stores are all closed every sunday.?!
how can I missed that?!

It was already 2-ish then, hoping we could already stretch our legs and rest for awhile,
only to informed us that we still have to wait for another hour and so because no room was available yet.
Leaving us with no choice but to leave our luggages behind and familiarize its environs instead.
When we got back, we were placed in a quiet, facing-the-courtyard room,
which we would've preferred, if only we haven't distinctively requested for a room facing the street.
But we didn't complain further, because the view was not bad at all and
the room was just sparklingly clean and new.

the view from side to side, above and below.
IMG 4580

beautiful tree
IMG 4588

facing our window
IMG 4593

down below...
IMG 4595

We were given 2 sets of single beds with an ample room space for the both of us,
and although, I slept soundly all throughout the night,
the pillows were just foam-less. * sorry, don't know how to describe this better *.
I have to add another one of my jackets below just to keep it from getting flat.
I ended up having a stiff neck the morning after.

DSC 5261

the restroom
very clean as well.
DSC 5266

DSC 5268

the hallway.
DSC 5270

Because almost all the hotels in Munich don't offer air-conditioning during winter,
we were stuck with the heating system instead.
For someone like me, who lives in a hot and humid country all her life,
meaning constant tropical weather and intermittent rains and typhoons.
I couldn't understand how the heater works. ^0^
It was either unbearably hot or warm, and I always felt suffocated.
I'd rather have my windows open and let some air in,
and that we did, the weather then wasn't too cold,
it would've been okay, because that was what we did when we stayed in Paris as well. *see last hotel review * * and here. *
but here, I was surprised to find insects inside the room, In Munich, on a cold weather which was clearly coming from outside the window!
I had dengue a few years back thanks to those pesky mosquito bites, so the thought of insects has made me a bit phobic.

In this day and age,
where Selfies and Like-me are just a click away.
I was seriously hoping that the free wi-fi was really available?! .. Not!
As soon as we settled in, there was no connection.
I complained immediately, and the receptionist gave me an evasive explanation regarding thick walls and weak wifi.
The owner, * I think it was* an older lady, quickly apologized and told us that they will restore it soon.
It was working during the first 2 hours of our stay,
until we got disconnected and the rest is history. :(
Obviously, I think, they only have one router for the rest of the building.
Munich's internet connection is quite expensive.

Before booking, I was warned by some TA reviewers that connections were a bit iffy.
We didn't realize that you have to go all the way down to the lobby every night, and it was clearly a bit of a hassle.
so even in my pyjamas, after saying a few Hi's to fellow travelers, who couldn't connect inside their room as well.
We were all like backpackers staying in a hostel hanging out in the lobby.
Me: skyping with my parents.
Them: browsing and searching on their IT for the next day.

DSC 5253


So we're hoping that the Free breakfast wouldn't disappoint us.
and that is, I think the best bit of our stay, apart from its location.
Nothing beats a hearty meal to start the day.
The breakfast area, small but ample.

IMG 5537


what we ate:


a nice christmas tree display


I'm not sure what it's called, except it's raw fish with some wasabi inspired cream.
I don't eat raw, not a sushi lover actually,
but this one has got me craving for more.


like, like these croissants,
I could eat them everyday. ^0^


Overall, it was a pleasant stay,
apart from a few ifs and buts .
If you're looking for a good location and a cozy ambiance.
This maybe your option, It has all your basic necessities but that's about it.


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