Thursday, August 9, 2012

" Hotel Louis II "


This is going to be my first official review of Hotel Louis II,
the place where we stayed that is right along Rue St. Sulpice.

( concierge )

I was a bit skeptical about making this reservation at first,
as some of the reviews made by Trip Advisor were just so-so.
But we decided anyway, since our first two choices were already fully booked.

We decided to take the RER train and alight at the Luxembourg station which was
the nearest exit and as the hotel website said, 'just a few minutes away ',
while browsing the google map, it should take you 10 minutes thereabouts.

Okay, if we both haven't got a luggage that weighs about 10 kilos ++.
then, this would've been easy,
but, because we were stubborn enough to pay extra and take the airport shuttle instead,
I kid you not, the walk was très terrible and grueling ! ^0^

By the time we reached the hotel,
we were both catching for our breath,
the concierge, quickly smiled, as if silently lol inside,
saw the look on our face, and told us,
have a seat and take a breathe first. ^0^

The interiors was what lured us to book this quaint hotel.
of course, the price doesn't come cheap either. ^0^
What we really like was that it's in the heart of Latin Quarter,
along the 6th arrondissement,
the metro, the HOHO, and its lovely neighborhood, which proved to be relatively safe,
esp. if you wish to wander at night.


Because most of the structures in Europe are dated,
expect the rooms to sometimes seem like out of proportion.
some of them are inter-connected, like this.

(on the way to housekeeping)

(stairs heading to another room)

I totally forgot to ask if there was an elevator when we booked so,
I was shocked when I saw its dizzying spiral staircase.
Thankfully, they have one, but it will only take you "forever" to get to your room!
Mind you, very antique elevator! ^0^


(close up look)




Wait! i'm not done yet,
will share with you how our room looks like.
and the verdict of course! ^0^
next post...

* where was this *
Rue St. Sulpice
6th arrondissement


  1. very quaint indeed. i love old hotels, like the 100+ yr old hotel we stayed in Schaan. very nostalgic lang ang dating. Hotel Louis II seem old but classy. LOL on the concierge laughing out loud silently.

    glad to know you were spared from the flood though your store was flooded a bit. thought you were out of electricity all this while, thought of you and your family while watching the news about the flood. great to hear all is well. take care. :)
    sana nga makaisip na ang gobyerno ng longterm solution. this is nothing new, nung estudyante ako lumusong na rin ako sa baha dyan sa Manila. :(


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