Wednesday, August 15, 2012

" Hotel Louis II "

Most of the hotel rooms in Europe are relatively small and dated compared to Asian countries.
and one can't help how just how uber small it sometimes seems.

Our room was facing the street, a café and a bar.
It was literally just outside the elevator, so that was convenient for us.
But once inside, the space was just small, small and small,
there's no other way to describe it! ^-^
We're 2 petite girls with 2 suitcases and 2 backpacks
and it was already hard to move about.

The wooden beams on the ceiling.

Flat screen tv and nature inspired walls.

The room was full of gilded mirrors,
i think it was a trick to make it look larger,
obviously, not helping. ^0^

that's me in my p.j;s!
Bon Matin! ^0^

The restroom was pristine,
but the beds were a disappointment...
you can almost here it squeak here and there, and clearly,
the mattress hasn't been changed for err... 15 years?! or more?!
During winter, they would automatically switched the air-con to warmer temperature.
and of course, we're not used to it,
I felt like the room was suffocating me.
Thanks to the nice balcony, we then had to slightly ajar the windows at night
and let the cool air get in.



But overall, they have the friendliest staffs,
who made us feel welcome,
and a friendly housekeeper.
when I say " a ", that's because i think they only have one,
and it's a nice afro chap, who speaks slang french. ^0^

so, who am I to complain right?!

* where was this *
Rue St. Sulpice
6th arrondissement

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