Tuesday, June 19, 2012

" The Louvre "

My first day in Paris,
I was eager to see the Louvre,
despite being tired from the flight,
and almost getting lost inside the airport on the way to the hotel.
(long story) ^0^

Of course, thanks to fellow blogger Peter,
who has a blog called Peter's Paris.
He quickly showed us the highlights of the city,
gave us a bit of a heads up about local Parisians,
familiarizing us with each arrondissement,
believe me, digesting all this in just a few hours can be a bit confusing. ^0^


That night, we headed straight to I.M Pei's glass pyramid,
and whoever said that it's a monstrosity,
clearly hasn't been to Louvre at all.
It looks spectacular at night as it is during day time,
clearly a sight that is impressive.

* where was this *
Musée du Louvre
1st arrondissement - Paris


  1. No doubt an architectural marvel.

  2. je vous souhaite encore plein de belles découvertes...

    Gros bisous à vous.

  3. indrani: ^0^
    Paris is a city full of discoveries.

    martinealison: ^-^ merci.

  4. i have to agree it's impressive!


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