Thursday, June 28, 2012

" Notre Dame "

Paris is flickering with lights shimmering in gold.
At night, one of the finest structure that is Notre Dame
is as beautiful as it is during the day.
Undeniably, a church that is 'toujours' (always) filled with tourists,
next to La tour Eiffel.
From afar, the church's facade is a perfect example of Gothic architecture,
what was once considered as barbaric.
More of this on my future post. ^0^


by metro- hop off @ Cité station.

* where was this *
4th arrondissement
île de la cité-
Notre Dame- Paris


  1. The first time, I read "Arabesque" all over the front of Notre Dame! :-)

  2. Excellent capture in night.
    I am reminded of the grand interiors.

  3. peter: haha! ^0^ let's just say i'm a copyright addict. ^-^

    indranni: tnx dear!

  4. shimmering gold against the deep blue sky... love it!


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