Wednesday, May 23, 2012

" Dionisos "


clearly inspired by the greek god- Dionysus. 
another resto near Ciutadella Park,
just around the corner of Estació de França.
The food here is definitely cheaper than in most touristy area.

and great al fresco ambiance too.
for a second, this could be vaguely somewhere in Paris or Rome.


* where was this *
Estació de França
Avinguda del Marques de L'argentera
La Ribera-BCN


  1. i think we ate mostly in las ramblas, didn't even try other places when we went.

  2. my kind of place.

    haven't explored your "singapore" label. a bit busy in my neck of the woods with real life, work and errr, blogging happine$$. i'll try to catch up.

    btw, let me know if you are interested in paid posts (subject:travel). thought of you since you've been traveling a lot. here's my email: chersc29@gmail.com, i can refer your blog if you wish to. :)


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