Thursday, May 10, 2012

" Fleca els Angels "

If you wish to taste some of the local sweets along El Raval,
then, perhaps you would like to visit this
quaint cafe almost infront of MACBA (museum),
called Fleca els Angels which may mean Flock of Angels.


I didn't notice the signage at first till we were about to leave.
Instead, I was tempted at its display of fresh cookies, meringue and more.


A nice Filipina lady welcomes you inside,
I tried asking her the names of those cookies,
but she talked so fast (en español, por supuesto) that I literally can't catch up. ^-^


they were divine, though, a bit 'too' sweet for my taste.

* where was this *
Fleca els Angels ( cafe )
Carrer dels ángels
infront of MACBA-BCN


  1. the europeans know how to make pastries. you're right about the word - divine - that's what they are.

  2. you've been teasing me with sweets big time. glad hubby made leche flan for me. :)
    you have fb account? pls add me @SweetMemoirs Page.
    blessed and beautiful weekend, sissy! grateful of your friendship. :)


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