Monday, May 14, 2012

" Santa Maria Del Pi "

If you're a fan of old churches with much history,
then I suggest a visit to Santa Maria del Pi.
By walking, it's best if you start at Las Ramblas and find your way inside the confusing streets.


Santa Maria del Pi was built between 1322 and 1453,
an example of Catalan Gothic arhictecture,


wide and spacious, it has one of the largest and most beautiful rose window.


the stained glass details, once up close is mind blowing.


It is also where St. Eulàlia's crypt is located.

* where was this *
Plaça del Pi -BCN
metro: Liceu


  1. You saw more than I did, how wonderful. Thanks for showing me what I missed. And I missed a lot.

  2. Fantastic cathedral. The little bird flying down the page is cute.

    Darryl and Ruth :)


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