Monday, August 20, 2012

" The Bonanova Church "


This holy church is an off beaten path along the Sarria neighborhood
and was part of our Red- BusTouristic ride, which proved to be helpful if
you want to see the other side of BCN.

( with the inscriptions of 'Ave gracia plena dominus'- Hail Mary full of Grace )

It took me awhile to find the name and finally in "Wiki",
sometimes I don't understand why I even bother searching
for structures that may seem pointless to other people. ^0^


While the bus was moving,
I saw a white winged headdress flapped in the breeze,
this pious nun must be heading somewhere.


* where was this *
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi


  1. I checked your last posts... with a mixture of Paris and Barcelona. I'm impressed by the way you document your photos ... and that you are able to keep posting about these both cities some 8 months after your visit! You make a good job!

  2. peter: tnx for your kind remarks, ^0^
    you can say that I did enjoy the trip.

    indrani: tnx! ^=^


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