Wednesday, August 1, 2012

" Mirador de Colom "



Look at how time flies, still can't believe it's the 1st of August already.
While the rest of Europe is busy basking under the sun and enjoying the heat of the sun, err... summer.
In Asia, it's mostly torrential rains and the unpredictable weather.

But enough of that,
my so-called trip to Europe still has loads of leftover photos that
I wish to share but couldn't find time to post. ^0^
this is me, getting tired of thinking what to post on my blog.
Beginning here though,
it will be a melange of different cities,
I will be jumping from here and there.

Again, thank you to those who shared their insights
and dropping by to browse or read what I've posted.
It means a lot. ^0^

Okay, really moving on,
here's what we did on our 2nd day visit to Barcelona,
we headed to Rambla del Mar and went to see the imposing Columbus Monument
or in catalan the Mirador de Colom.


It is clearly the epitome of BCN.
The statue stands 7.70 meters high and took about 7 years to build.
One can take the lift inside the tower, for about 3.50 euros (each),
and enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

But first, a bit of its history.
The bronze statue of Columbus holds a navigational chart in his left hand,
as he point towards America on his right,
although some say, his sense of direction is definitely wrong.


The base of the monument had two cast iron lions, sort of guarding the gate.


ps: I even manage to caught this cute tourist, wandering under the the lion's tail. ^0^


Here's a historical depiction of his life portrayed in Bas-Reliefs.


the four sides of the pedestal features allegorical sculptures, carved in bronze medallion reliefs.



The column is also made of cast iron that is Corinthian inspired,
alongside the wings of angels.



If you hate walking all the way to the end of La Rambla, then, take the metro instead
and alight at Drassanes station,
or better yet, take the bus touristic (tourist bus), way easier esp. for a first timer.


* where was this *
Rambla del Mar


  1. wow, it took 7 years to build! it's worth its glory. :)
    am loving your travelogue more and more. great, great photos you shared. what happened to your watermarks? hehehe! been too lazy to put mine too.

  2. cher: haha! you noticed! ^0^ í didn't think anyone would.
    i was so excited to post it that i completely forgot all about it!
    seriously, the watermarks are killing me.

  3. Superb shots. So well composed against the bright blue sky.

  4. La colonne est unique, et son djed soutien le monde.


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