Sunday, August 26, 2012

" Vous Êtes Perdu? "


~ are you lost?

Paris is filled with street signs and 'you-are-here' maps,
yet at times, you'll bound to get lost and be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Best advice is to ask someone for directions,
look for the nearest Kiosk (newspaper stands),
any reputable establishments ( restos, grocery )
or hotels/hostels.
In my experience, don't ask from a ticket vendor,
they'd give you this long, boring stare and a snubby look, with a phrase like
"Non, Je ne sais pas"- (no, i don't know).
They're basically too tired to tell you where.

2nd, I'm partial when it comes to randomly asking strangers on the street,
you'll just have to go with your instinct.
During our 2nd night in Paris,
we got lost near La Madeleine, we were heading for Champs ELysees,
which is literally at the heart of the city.
I think it's sheer exhaustion from all the sightseeing.
My sister and I, when we're already arguing,
we're like two parrots in high pitch, just yapping.
we couldn't decide which direction to go,
because we're literally walking in circles.

Luckily, a nice french lady approached us and asked if we needed any help.
we instantly said "No! " thinking, she might be a thief pretending to be nice
while someone tries to steal your belongings. ^0^
haha! really paranoid.
Sensing that we're a bit unsure, she sincerely said, " It's just I want to help you both. "
well, we finally gave in and asked her how to get to there.
She was kind enough to point us towards the right path and
even what bus number we should take.
sometimes, the kindness of strangers isn't expected.

* where was this *
Pont Neuf
1st arrondissement


  1. hi, i'm back. how have you been? why is the manila blog on hiatus?

  2. Yes, I too know this and help comes from most unexpected people. In Kutna Hora, Czech Republic we lost ourselves. A kind elderly gentleman drove us to the place, we kept following his car. This world is full of nice people i felt that day. :)

  3. It was possible to find one's way already before the GPS! :-)

  4. hi p.c ^0^
    been gr8, tnx for askin.
    tired from blogging about Manila,
    plus, busy with work load and all.
    seems my inspiration has been fading away.my travels have been my focus lately. ^0^

    indrani: it's nice to hear when someone out of the blue,becomes a big help. ^-^

    peter: haha! ^-^

  5. say hi to your parrot sister pepperoni. haha! i must have a parrot hubby to argue with me when we get lost. LOL!

    those kind of strangers are heaven sent. ;)


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