Friday, July 6, 2012

" an Apple a day "

At first glance, it was just a typical display sans inscriptions in it,
or maybe it was too dark then,
I thought what's special about this one ?
I was going to skip this and head towards Moulin Rouge,
because that's where our main agenda was.
But Pepperoni said,
why not take a foto of it instead.
you never know what you might've missed right?


I've been browsing through Paris daily foto's
archive and voila!
had instant info at this silvery apple.
It was designed by a sculptor name Frank Scurti,
and is dedicated to Mr. Charles FOurier, who was a french philosopher back in 1772.


* tnx to Paris daily foto,
Pls. do click at this link if you wish to know more.
text is in french though.

* where was this *
Place de clichy - Paris
18th arrondissement

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