Thursday, July 26, 2012

" Au coin du la rue "


At the heart of St. Germain blvd is this tiny passageway called
Rue St. André-des-Arts,
a busy cobblestone street lined with crepe stands, gifts shops.
a few greek restos and art house cinema.

This nice passage has been here since 1776.


It is also where you'd find the oldest café in town called Le Procope,


This narrow alley would've skipped our sight if it weren't for Peter {Peter's Paris},
who showed us around the area and gave us a bit of its history.


My night photos weren't that telling though,
and regret that I only took a few night shots.


If you want to know more,
you can also check this out,
the only two links which I found to be very helpful. ^0^

* from Peter's Paris post.

* from Soundlandscapes , which shares an audio clip of its environs.

* where was this *
Rue st. andré-des-arts
St. Germain
6th arrondissement


  1. Heips.
    Your blog is very interesting. Thanks a lot for your visiting in mine.
    Have a nice weekend.
    orvokki from Finland.

  2. it's great you met a fellow blogger to tour you around. would love to sip a hot choco on a cold winter night at Le Procope. :)


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