Monday, July 2, 2012

" Pont Alexandre III "

If you're heading to La Tour Eiffel,
you'd surely passed by this
ostentatious bridge that is Pont Alexandre III.
One of my favorite bridges, along side Pont des Arts.
It took me awhile to find it on the map, because,
at first I thought this was Pont des Invalides.
confusing yet again. ^0^


Of course, one can still catch an enchanting view of La Seine.

* where was this *
7th arrondissement
Pont Alexandre III


  1. It's certainly one of the most beautiful bridges ... and it obviously was a GIFT by Alexander III's son, Nicholas II!

  2. everything in Paris looks magical to me.
    btw, that lake is Mandai Lake as seen from Singapore Zoo. ;)

  3. cher: tnx for the info.
    it is quite a scenic spot.


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