Friday, July 20, 2012

" call of nature "

« Ou sont les toilettes » is probably one of the few phrases one needs to remember
when the call of nature is badly needed. ^0^

But is it that hard to find a decent restroom in Paris that is free-of-charge?
erm... in most touristy area, I should say it's not that difficult,
you can always head to any fast food chains or giant stores like the Printemps or Haussman.
and in almost every arrondissement,
Paris has installed these sanitized public toilets which can come in handy.

But based from my experience though,
I find it very troublesome.

1st: the waiting game,
lucky if you can get inside without waiting for one's turn.
I did wait in line like the rest,
while people walking on the street would glance at your direction from time to time.
a bit annoying, I gave up after 5 minutes, couldn't stand it.

2nd: because it's machine operated,
everything's in sequence,
from the flushing, to the cleaning, to even disinfecting.
so, if you didn't get the chance to wash your hands for the first time,
you'd have to wait for
the whole 'cycle' to finish
then start it all over again.


or if you prefer, you can always pay for a small fee, like this one we found along Tuileries Garden.


* where was this *
streets along Paris


  1. I would recommend the bigger hotels, especially the more fancy ones. They don't check why you enter and they often have very nice toilets, free of charge! :-)

  2. reminds me of the pay-toilets in Zurich.


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