Thursday, April 12, 2012

" I don't know how she does it "

I have to commend people who has all the time in the world to blog about
their travel stories and pictures.
It's been almost 4months since my last trip to Europe but still,
I couldn't find time to post,
But slowly, I'm sharing it partially than serve it in a big platter.
so, thanks for bearing with me. ^-^


today's Menu:
Zumo de Naranja and a quezo pan con Jamón. ^0^
with an awesome view on top of MNAC.

* where was this *
Kiosk at the side of MNAC museum


  1. haha! it took me 5 yrs to post my Angsana trip. and don't worry i am enjoying your pichi-pichi travel posts. ;)

  2. Don't worry Arabesque, your images are worth waiting for. That truly is an amazing view to sit and look at while munching something tasty!!

  3. Take your time. :)
    Great pics.


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