Monday, April 23, 2012

" Barri Gótic "

the alleyways of Barri Gótic can be such a maze,
every corner and turn leads to another exit.
It's hard to get by without a map and
It took us sometime to familiarize the area, which can be quite confusing. ^0^


This beautiful archway is along Carrer del Bisbe, the most photographed called the Bridge of Sighs.
It is actually a 20th century addition, built to look old in 1928.


The protruding gargoyles, (which I posted earlier) and its gothic inspired details makes you turn your head upside down.

* where was this *
Carrer del Bisbe -BCN
Barri Gothic


  1. Looking at your different pictures here, I'm more and more impressed by what you managed to do in so few days! I know, Barcelona has a lot of treasures, but... !!

  2. Been to Barça only once and for only a day, didn't manage to properly explore the Barrio Gotico, which will be the first district I'll visit next time! Great pix :)

  3. peter: haha! the big "but"! ^0^
    tnx for droppin by.

    angela: tnk you!
    like you,
    can't seem to get enough of BCN either. ^-^

  4. lovely architecture!



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