Wednesday, April 25, 2012

" Cafe Catalunya "

The name may sound tempting, but don't be fooled by it.
We were warned beforehand not to dine in restos near hotel chains and touristy area.
But it was our 2nd night and we were already beat from a whole day of sightseeing.


and from the looks of it, the interiors looked inviting.


the bar for tapas or for a quick drink looks promising,


and of course, the hungry travellers couldn't resist its
affordable Menu al Dia for only 14 euros,
a plate (for 2) of seafood Paella ,which includes Sopa y Comida.
but take note though:
it doesn't include the drinks or Bebida.



so, silly me, thought why not, might as well,
order a litre of their house Sangria.


oh boy were we surprised when we were charged for almost 16 euros for it.
for a budget traveller, that is a bit expensive for me,
as I would've opted to order something more worth it.

What I had learned from this dindin galore though,
was to check and ask for the price first before ordering
and never assume. ^0^
take note though,
some of the camareros ( waiters) hardly speak any english, they will deliberately
try to speak spanish in a super fast tone,
and can be a bit snotty, and will even try to fool you if they know you're a tourist.

As for the quality of the food that we had that night:
= It was mediocre and typical.
If I were a food critic, this would certainly be NOT on my list.


so, the next time you're heading here,
better try elsewhere.

ps; just found out minutes ago,
that they have a twitter account and
a website!

* where was this *
Catalunya Plaza
beside H10 catalunya hotel-BCN


  1. the seafood paella and soup looks so yummy! good thing i just had my lunch. :)

  2. thanks for the review!!!

    the place looks very nice though!!


  3. how funny. i totally had a cafe con leche here in 2005 when I studied in Barcelona and remember not liking the vibe of the place and we decided to not make it our "regular" coffee place.


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